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We keep achieve innovation, quality, efficiency and reasonable cost of production targets, in line with production requirements, the production sector has built and improved production facilities, equipped with advanced production equipment. 
Workshop including: hot-sealed and cold-press shop, painting shop, polishing workshop, sewing workshop, water-decal workshop, assembly workshop…. Our factory build with 4,000 square meters, the constructed building area is ​​12,000 square meters, our output capacity of helmet can reached 8000 per day. 
To top consideration about the important protection for consumers, we always keep the top priority to achieve the safety performance into all of products. We constantly upgrade our production line facility and equipments, we always keep our words to offer a very strong and stable quality guarantee to all our customers.

1)Cold-press and hot-sealed workshop


2)Cold-press workshop


3)Polishing workshop

4)Painting workshop


5)Vacuum workshop


6)Water-decal workshop


7)Sewing workshop


8)Assembly workshop

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